Healthcare Software Company Dallas and Nationwide

Software development in the healthcare industry helps medical service providers and their patients in many ways. Doctors can now schedule appointments, keep track of patient records, and bill their clients using paperless systems built on advanced software programs. Patients, on the other hand, need not call or visit their physicians for an appointment or for picking up their test results. They can do all this via an online portal or a mobile app. The latest developments in Healthcare software make patient healthcare quick, convenient and easy.

Latest Trends in Healthcare Software Development

1.      Blockchain Solutions for EHR

Blockchain is a revolutionary technology that enables users to transmit data over the internet without compromising on the security and confidentiality of information. Healthcare professionals are using this technology to share Electronic Health Records (HER) with their clients. This gives patients more control over their health records while protecting their sensitive details from cyber criminals.

2.      Telemedicine

The term telemedicine refers to healthcare services provided over a mobile device using mobile applications. With recent developments in mobile healthcare, programmers designed software for Android and iPhone users that allow patients to connect with their doctors from anywhere at any time. Conference calling, which provide face-to-face interaction between doctors and their patients, help in resolving health issues over the phone and with electronic prescriptions for patients.

3.      Artificial Intelligence

Software developers in the healthcare niche are working tirelessly on designing medical software that is intelligent enough to analyze data and provide recommendations to patients about their health issues. Some mobile apps record patient information, such as body temperature, heart rate and blood pressure on a timely basis, and use this data to make recommendations to their users. These apps automatically share this information with patient’s primary care physicians for future advice.

Software development has played a revolutionizing role in the healthcare industry. Latest developments in mobile applications and artificially intelligent software enable people from one part of the world to seek real-time medical help from experts residing on the other side of the globe. Software companies, including Open Source Group, use latest programming techniques to provide healthcare service providers with state of the art IT solutions that are cost-effective and add great value to their business model.