Cloud Application Development

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver enterprise-class cloud applications on time and under budget.  From small business to enterprises, we will meet your needs.  Let us bid on your next project and you won’t be disappointed.

Our Practices

Microservice Architecture

We develop applications as a collection of loosely coupled independent services.  This modularity allows for quicker development, a more testable application, and better resilience to failure.

Container Deployment

We are strong advocates of containerized applications using Kubernetes.  Our development model virtually eliminates the ‘works on my machine, but not on production’ problem and allows for predictable runtime operation.

Continuous Integration

Our teams that code from all team members is integrated daily by our build system and automated tests are run.  This ensures that issues are found quickly and progress can be accurately measured.

Continuous Deployment

We work with our clients to determine the optimal deployment schedule for each project, favoring frequency whenever possible.  In most cases, we deploy automatically multiple times per day after passing a gauntlet of automated tests.

Application Resilience

We leverage cloud technologies for optimal fault tolerance.  We assume that every resource will fail and plan accordingly.  From planning for failed hard disks to natural disasters, we’ve got you covered.

Adaptive Scaling

The major reason for the public cloud’s success is for its ability to temporarily scale to meet expected and unexpected demand.  There is no need to fund private infrastructure to meet the demand of a worst-case scenario.

Hardened Security

Cloud applications are no more or less secure than their traditional counterparts.  We have the experience to design and build secure systems with the tools to detect vulnerabilities at every stage of development and deployment.

Cloud Portable

One of our specialties is building apps intended to be deployed in a private cloud and in multiple public clouds simultaneously.  These hybrid cloud applications are the ultimate in portability and resilience allowing the customer to do pricing arbitrage across multiple cloud vendors.

Services Inquiry

We have over 5 years experience developing custom software solutions for our clients. We are experts in open source software so that we can leverage existing libraries and tools to avoid reinventing the wheel at our customers' expense.