Chrome Extension Development

Chrome extensions open up new possibilities for deeper customer interaction.  Chrome plugins can allow you to modify the display of every web page the user interacts with.  We can develop a Chrome Extension for your business to:

  • Modify links on web pages to add functionality
  • Display personalized data relating to the current web page
  • Add share buttons to a new social media service
  • Add encrypted services to allow for automatic login to websites
  • Add developer tools for a new web framework
  • Display statistics, reviews, comments, or other data about the current website

Please note, that under no circumstances will we develop an extension with malicious intent and we will strictly conform to Google’s terms of service and acceptable uses for Chrome Extensions.

Services Inquiry

We have over 5 years experience developing custom software solutions for our clients. We are experts in open source software so that we can leverage existing libraries and tools to avoid reinventing the wheel at our customers' expense.